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Professional Help for your Nutritional Changes
Finding out which foods are not good for you is the first important step in improving your condition. Of course, knowledge alone is not enough. Only through integrating the test results in your everyday life and really changing the way you eat, you can permanently relieve your symptoms.

We know that this change is not always easy. Therefore, th nutritional consultation is a substantial part of the Cyto program. The consultation takes place by telephone or in person.

Your individual nutritional proposal
Avoiding foods that have been shown to have an immune response in your test, relieves your immune system and releases energy that the body can use to maintain vital functions.

Based on your individual test results, the Cyto program gives you sound nutritional advice. You can check it’s effectiveness with your own experience and adapt if necessary. Our competent and experienced nutritionists will accompany you in the implementation of your test result and answer all your questions about diet change.

Nutritional counseling as part of the Cyto-Program

  • You receive receipes and practical cooking tips.
  • ·       We inform you about foods that you can try as a healthy substitute for your usual diet.
  • We will support you in times of crises.
  • Together with you, we develop a nutritional form that takes into account your physical symptoms as well as your life situation and your emotional needs.

Our consultants are trained and have personal experience with the nutritional changes according to the Cytolisa Test results. They are well prepared to inform you technically as well as personally.

The scope of the consultation depends on the test and consulting package chosen by you (Compact, Standard, Premium). The cost of nutritional advice without Cytolisa Test is 60.00 euros plus tax per hour.

You will see: In a short time you can enjoy good food again and be sure that it will make you well!