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The Cyto program

Cyto Labor has been a competent partner for doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and medical institutions in the field of food immunodiagnostics since 1982.

The Cytolisa nutrition program is a holistic concept for IgG food immunodiagnostics and nutrition therapy, which is based on the scientifically sound Cytolisa immunoassay, looks at nutritional needs individually and accompanies the change in diet with expert advice.

We offer therapists services in 3 different scopes:

Scope of services 1

They recommend the Cyto program to patients suspected of having an immune reaction to food and carry out the blood test. We carry out the immune screening and provide the patient with detailed advice on dietary changes.

Scope of services 2

You will have food immunoscreening carried out in our laboratory, undergo further training in cyto-nutritional therapy and provide nutritional advice to your patients based on the immunoassay.

Scope of services 3

You purchase the Cyto immunoscreening test plates from us. You carry out the test in your practice. Use the CYTO 4 analysis and evaluation software to perform the immunodiagnosis.

Analysis and evaluation procedures

To carry out tests in your own laboratory or to process results supplied by us, you need our CYTO 4 evaluation software. If you do not operate your own laboratory, we will send you the test results encrypted and securely by electronic means.

The program is created especially for you with your address data and your data is printed out on the printouts. Alternatively, you can provide us with a logo, which will then be printed instead of your address. This allows you to give your patients’ test results a personal touch.

In CYTO 4, several test results can be edited on screen or printed out at the same time. The multilingualism of the program allows the results to be interpreted in the language of the therapist, but expressed in the language of the patient. In addition to English, the major European languages as well as Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese are integrated. In German, regional differences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are taken into account.

You can use the print function to select different reports to present the test result to the patient in an appealing form. A highlight of the printout is the prescription module, which allows you to offer patients prescriptions based on their test results. Our recipe library is constantly being expanded and the recipes are available in German and English. If the printouts supplied with CYTO 4 are not sufficient, you can use the Word module to add your own texts to the test result. These texts can also contain placeholders for parameters of the test to be printed. They are therefore not just simple canned texts, but have a personal touch.

CYTO 4 is network-compatible and can be operated on several workstations simultaneously with one database. For example, tests can be analyzed in the laboratory while you are advising patients. All test results can be exported to a spreadsheet program, where you can then create statistical evaluations or a simple form letter, for example.

Our development team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the software.

Programming the evaluation software
Peter Menzel,
C.O.M. GmbH, Wetzlar

Specialist training in nutrition therapy

Our specialist training courses are aimed at therapists who work with people on nutrition or who would like to accompany therapy with a targeted change in diet. We work together with doctors, alternative practitioners, nutritionists, midwives, psychologists, personal trainers, occupational therapists and others.

Our specialist training courses impart the theoretical and practical knowledge required to provide nutritional therapy for people with chronic and acute symptoms.

The next appointment:

Date: 18.10.2021 – 22.10.2021

Place: Berlin

Title: “Training in nutrition – dietetics, food intolerance and diagnostics”

The aim of the one-week training course is to enable participants to develop individually tailored nutritional therapy measures for their clients and offer valuable support in implementing the recommendations. Clinical Nutrition Therapy” is a valuable foundation for anyone who wants to provide people with meaningful support on the subject of nutrition: New practice staff will benefit just as much from participating as “old hands” who want to refresh their knowledge or all those who simply want to know exactly how nutrition works.

The course explains how to develop individually tailored diets that support all other therapeutic measures, especially in the area of healing chronic illnesses.

The training content: Leaky gut syndrome, basics of nutrition, acid-base balance, candida, CFS & MCS, allergy, yeast-free diet, auto-aggressive diseases, migraine, pain, Aspergillus niger, sugar, protein supply, iron supply, fats & oils, intolerance, diagnosis, basics of counseling, children’s nutrition, obesity.

The theoretical units are supplemented by food and cooking knowledge and valuable tips from coaching for practical work with clients.

Download invitation:

Flyer on nutrition therapy training with Thilo Keller 2021

Nutritional therapy training with Thilo Keller

Training in nutrition therapy

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