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General Health – Graduate Engineer Inka Petzelt

Why should I restrict myself? I don’t feel sick …

I would like to share my experiences with the Cytolisa Test and the associated diet change. My motivation to have my own Cytolisa Test done was of a “practical” nature. I am a freelance employee of CYTO Labor- und Vertriebs GmbH. In the course of my work there my blood sample was tested to 264 different foods. I had no physical complaints and felt healthy. Therefore, I was very surprised by the test results. I reacted strongly to dairy products and yeast, and a change of diet would have meant changing my eating habits completely. At first, I refused this. Why should I restrict myself, if I did not feel sick? After a couple of weeks, I become curious. I wanted to find out, how my life would change, if I experimented with the test results and changed my diet accordingly. So, I decided to give it a try, eliminating some foods from my normal diet could not hurt me!

I take the steps for experimenting with nutritional change – I need less sleep and I am more efficient

As recommended, I stared my experiment with a 14-day fruit and vegetable fast. After that, I consistently changed my diet, which means I eliminated all the foods that I reacted to very strongly, strongly and moderately. The result of my personal experiment convinced me. Soon I realized how well I felt through the new way of eating. My body changed and I became more efficient. I had a completely new feeling of satiety. I felt energized after meals and did not feel tired and sluggish after eating, as I had in previous years. Likewise, my sleep behavior changed. I do not need as much sleep anymore and I sleep through the night. In the morning I wake up refreshed and rested. This makes me more efficient during the day. I learned how delicious you can cook with healthy foods. The first suggestions and ideas I took from the Cytolisa recipes that come with the test results. Over time, I became more and more courageous and tried out new things with the foods that are right for me.

In conclusion I can say: I have learned to take responsibility for myself and my body

As a consequence of my diet change, I now buy my food in health food stores as often as possible. That may be a bit more time consuming, but it’s worth it. I’ve gotten used to reading the fine print on the back of a package so I know what I’m eating. Most industrially produced foods are no longer appealing to me. My nutritional awareness has changed fundamentally. I understand that I am responsible for my health and wellbeing.  With a diet that is appropriate for me, I can help to keep myself healthy, strong, and enjoy my life. It goes without saying that I regularly take my car to the inspection. I take care of my car and make sure that it is preserved for a long time. If my car is done serving me, I can buy a new one. I do not get a new body, health or fitness in any store. This realization changed my eating habits.

Enjoying food that is delicious and suitable for us

My partner also had a Cytolisa Test done. He also completely changed his diet. Together, the new diet is much more fun. As a couple it is much easier and more fun to implement the new way of eating in our everyday life. Nutrition has always been an important issue for us, as we both climb. As climbers we need food that gives us enough strength and endurance. At the same time, we are academically active and spend a lot of time in intellectual activities. For this, it is important that the food we consume is easily digestible and does not unnecessarily drain digestive energy. After taking the Cytolisa Test and following the Cyto Program with the change in diet, we know the food that optimally covers our different nutritional needs. Whether sitting at our desk or spending time outdoors and being active, we always have our good and delicious food with us to enjoy.

Concluding, I can say that the Cytolisa test has enriched my life. I fully recommend the test to anyone interested in changing their diet. For this reason, beginning in the summer of 2008, I will work together with a doctor in Cologne, Germany, to provide the Cytolisa Test in my own laboratory independently. With this I will also offer nutritional counseling and accompaniment. I invite anyone who comes from the greater area around Cologne, Bonn and Duesseldorf, to come to me and work with me. It is worth it!

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