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Marie-Catherine Laduré – Using Diet to support healing of Breast Cancer

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis – what now?

When Marie-Catherine Laduré was diagnosed with a malignant breast cancer in April 2018, she immediately had surgery in that same week. However, after the surgery she felt the need to contribute to her health. She was teaching yoga and took long walks regularly. She had been on a strict diet for Diabetes for over 25 years. But what else could she do?

Master of discipline

A friend had heard about the Cyto Labor and on the next occasion Marie-Catherine had her blood drawn for the Cytolisa Test. The results were not a big surprise, since she had expected to react to dairy and cheese and meat. What she had not expected, were reactions to honey, eggs and mushrooms as well as cabbage and kale… Especially mushrooms! That was a disappointment. Marie-Catherine knows about mushrooms and enjoys roaming the woods and collecting them. Nonetheless she didn’t see the diet change as a bigger challenge: “I’ve had kidney stones at the age of 18 and I have been diabetic, so I am used to adhering to a strict diet. And I could see that I had nothing to lose.

First improvements: Better sleep, more energy and feeling less hungry

End of May 2018 Marie-Catherine started to do the Cyto-Program, in addition to respecting her diet for Diabetes and for kidney stones. After 2-3 weeks her sleep began to improve. “I used to have incredible dreams and woke up several times during the night. Now I sleep calmly like a baby, my sleep is generally much more pleasant and I have a lot less weird dreams.” Unless she eats pasta with cream sauce for instance, her sleep is not disturbed any more. Another improvement she notices, is feeling much less hungry and less often low on blood sugar.

Her doctor suggests reducing her medication

Her husband wanted to be as supportive as he could, so he also had a Cytolisa Immune Screening done with similar results to Marie-Catherine’s. After over one month into the new diet, they both noticed that their light mood swings remained mostly absent, but whenever they broke out from their regime, for instance on social invitations, they realized that the mood swings would come back the following days. 6 weeks after changing her diet, Marie-Catherine had her next check-up with her doctor. “To my surprise he suggested reducing the dose of my medication – I was taking a serotonin-regulator, but also my diabetes medication could be reduced.”

Cancer free, no more medication for diabetes

At the end of 2018, her doctors told her that she was free from cancer although she would have regular follow-ups every year. “To my joy, I could also stop my diabetes medication and even my serotonin-regulator in December. And all that I have done, was changing my diet according to my Cytolisa Test results. Another pleasant side effect was that I had lost 5 pounds – although I was not overweight – and my weight has stabilized on this slightly lower weight level”

“A diet change is a major life change”

Marie-Catherine indicates that the nutritional consultations that come with the Cytolisa Test results are essential. “Any bigger diet change is also a major change in life. And during that diet change, your body begins to transform and function differently. I found it absolutely necessary to not be left alone with just the test results. It was very helpful to have the regular consultations over the phone. Although I would have sometimes preferred a more structured approach to the consultations, I am very happy with my results and grateful for the support of Cyto Labor. By the way: My husband is also very pleased with his results. He has lost 25 pounds and thrives with energy.”