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Fibromyalgia and Nutrition – extreme muscle and joint pains

Fibromyalgia and Nutrition: Sylvia Klaehn talks about how the Cyto-diet freed her from her extreme fibromyalgic pains…

„My joints swell up so much, that I can barely move“
Sylvia Klaehn has been suffering from severe muscle and joint pain for three years. Partly her joints were so swolen, that she could barely move.  „In vain, I ran from doctor to doctor, taking cortisone in ever-increasing dosages. My diagnosis was rheumatic disease or fibromyalgia, depending on which specialist I was visiting.”

“In February 2017 Sylvia Klaehn fasted for one week and in the following two to three weeks she was fine. The pain came back after that, but I now knew that diet plays the role in my condition”. After fasting for one week, Sylvia changed several things in her nutrition, but it did not give her the hoped-for pain relief.  „In September 2017 Sylvia heard of the Cyto Labor through an acquaintance. Then for two more months, I’ve went back and forth, wondering if I should really do the Cytolisa test for myself. “

„The Banana was my best Friend“
„Receiving the test result end of November 2017, was quite a shock for me.  According to the test, I was supposed to avoid almost all dairy products, many meats and some grains like wheat. But even things like yeast, citric acid or barley can be difficult to avoid, because they are included in many finished products. Shopping was particularly difficult in the beginning, because I had to closely look at everything and read every ingredient list. In the beginning shopping took double the amount of time.  With my cell phone I took pictures of the packages, so that I could enlarge and then read the small print. Because the implementation of my new diet was so difficult in the first weeks, the banana became my best friend– I could just take it and eat it.”

„After one month the transition was so much easier and I felt so much better“
About one month after starting, Sylvia Klaehn felt the transition was so much easier. She knew which foods fit for her diet. „The recipes that the Cyto Labor gave me, were really supportive and they helped me to find a good start. Later I bought the book ‚Happy Healthy Food‘, it has a lot of yummy alternatives.“ After 1,5 months Sylvia was so much better that she could do without the painkillers and the Cortisone medication. Where many people have difficulties making friends with a new way of eating, she had no problems acquiring a liking for the new tastes. „I quickly got used to it. And if I buy something sweet for myself today, it is usually too sweet for me. I do not like the sweet things anymore.“

„I can decide, if I want to be in pain or if I want to eat differently.“
Meanwhile,  Sylvia Klaehn gets along very well with her diet. „I know exactly, what I can order in a restaurant. For emergencies I bring my own salad dressing in a nice hip flask for women to the restaurant. I bought the flask extra for such occasions. Sometimes people look and think I would unpack my liquor – smile!“ When she is invited for cake and coffee, she brings her own home made muffins.

„It takes patience and perseverance“
The people around Sylvia are often worried, what she will be able to eat when there is an invitation. Sylvia herself has no problem with that and  doesn´t think its difficult. „I can always eat a Salad for instance. You just have to adjust to it. But you need patience and perseverance to pull it off. I work full time and often am gone the whole day. Sometimes in the evenings I cook my lunch for the next day.“

„It can not be done without the nutritional consultations.“
The advice of the nutritionist was very helpful. „I don’t believe it would work without the professional advice of the nutritionist. One needs the consultations, because there are so many questions during the transition and so many important facts are just not easily discovered on ones own. Also in the end the consultation is important to know, how to continue later on.“

„I am free of pain, I do not take any kind of medication any more, no painkillers, no Cortisone. And that makes me very happy and very proud.“
„After my pains started 3 years ago, they got worse and worse in 2017.  For two and a half years I was taking Cortisone, up to 50 mg! Because of the side effects, I had to go from one MD to another: ophthalmologist, measurement of bone density, and so on. Today I am pain free without medication, because I consistently changed my diet.“ For others in a similar situation, Sylvia Klaehn recommends trying out as early as possible, if a change in nutrition helps  – „You can still take pills later.“

Fibromyalgie und Ernährung - Sylvia Klaehn berichtet wie sie mit der Ernährung ihre Schmerzen (Fibromyalgie) los wurde

Sylvia Klaehn

Fibromyalgie und Ernährung, Aufgezeichnet im Mai 2018



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