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Fruit salad with fried banana

10 Fruit salad 1

The ingredients for our fruit salad, as a main meal for 3 hungry people. 2 hands full of raisins, 2 hands full of hazelnuts, 5 mandarins, 1 lemon, 4 apples, 2 pears, 1 banana, 1 persimmon

10 Fruit salad 2

Squeeze the juice of one lemon, add to the bowl and soak the raisins and nuts in it.

10 Fruit salad 3

Peel the mandarins, cut in half and add to the bowl.

10 Fruit salad 4

Quarter the pears, remove the core, peel, cut into pieces and place in the bowl.

10 Fruit salad 5

Stir everything together so that the lemon juice gets to the pear pieces, so they don’t turn brown.

10 Fruit salad 6

Quarter the apples, remove the cores, peel, add to the fruit and mix.

10 Fruit salad 7

Peel the banana, cut into pieces and add. Mixing.

10 Fruit salad 8

Peel the persimmon, cut into pieces and add to the fruit.

10 Fruit salad 9

Halve the avocado, cut into cubes in the skin, spoon out of the skin and add to the fruit.

10 Fruit salad 11

Fry the bananas in a pan in butter on both sides.

10 Fruit salad 12

Add to the fruit salad and enjoy!!!

10 Fruit salad 10